2015 Grammys {Video} Best & Worst Moments. Beck, Beyoncé, Kanye West, Rihanna, Sam Smith + More

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You can always count on Grammys to bring on some of the boldest, hottest and sexiest looks of the awards season, and the 2015 Grammy awards certainly did not disappoint us!! So lets have a look at some of the best & worst dressed celebs.

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Kanye West Interrupts Beck Over a Beyonce Win + Jay Z Reaction

<p>Prince is a legendary performer and musical genius, but why does he get a standing ovation just for showing up places? Apparently we still like to pretend that he's a recluse, but the fact is, the Purple One is practically ubiquitous these days. Here's hoping everyone stays on their butts next time -- unless, of course, he actually does something to deserve all the fawning adoration.<br>- Chris Eggertsen</p>


<p>While Levine's vocal performance was typically on-point, Stefani's half of the equation didn't hold up to scrutiny. To be frank: she sounded pretty horrendous, particularly when matched against Levine's swooning falsetto. While this may have worked in the studio, in a live setting their voices simply didn't mesh.<br>- Chris Eggertsen</p>

<p>Dearest Grammys Producers. Please explain: You have Album of the Year at 10:40. That's OK. It was just Beck. Nobody cared. Then you have Record of the year at 11:10. Well, that was dull too, because it was Sam Smith winning his 50th award of the night. Then you have the Academy President talking about copyright? And that's a transition into the Necrology? And then we twiddle our thumbs. And then Beyonce sings a hymn. And then at five minutes beyond the scheduled run-time, you get Common and John Legend performing a song that wasn't eligible for this year's Grammys, in what was effectively an advocacy ad for "Selma" at the Oscars. Who thought this was how you structure an award show? Who thought this was how you structure a TV program? You get 30 minutes of programming extended outside of primetime, you have no awards to fill the time and you still can't finish on time? What the heck was that? What the heck was the last hour of the telecast?<br>- Daniel Fienberg</p>


<p>Sorry, Hozier. "Take Me To Church" is fine and you performed it well, but on your biggest night, you were basically the house band for Annie Lennox's triumphant return to the spotlight. It's not like Annie Lennox was ever actually *gone* but sometimes you need a reminder that she's one of the great vocalists of the past 50 years and her "Church" verse transitioning into "I Put a Spell On You" was that reminder. There were a lot of superb diva performances on Sunday night, but Annie Lennox towered over all of them in both style and substance. And it was nice of her to take Hozier with her to church.<br>- Daniel Fienberg</p>

<p>Every once in awhile the Grammys pair two performers who fit like a glove performance-wise, and the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul was an awesome duet partner with Smith on his Grammy-winning single "Stay With Me." It was a thrilling vocal performance by both and a welcome re-demonstration of Blige's live prowess.<br>- Chris Eggertsen</p>

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