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For those that don’t know, ‘SCANDAL” is the new hottest “MUST SEE” TV show. Thursday May 2nd, 2013, ‘SCANDAL’ returned to ABC with a new episode called “A WOMAN SCORNED.” If you’ve watched the last episode then you know that Mellie made a decision that could possibly bring down the White House.

Having all faithful viewers tuned in eager to catch the new episode “A WOMAN SCORNED” we discover that Mellie has given Fitz a serious ultimatum. Cyrus calls up Olivia and advises her that Fitz has 36 hours to come to his senses or Mellie will go LIVE with a public news conference on how much of a cheater Fitz(the PRESIDENT) is.

Fast forward….Fitz clearly has proven his love for Olivia because even after being threatened and getting down to the last 21 minutes of the ultimatum propositioned by Mellie to save his marriage, Fitz decides to sit with Olivia stating “Sit with me and watch me chose you.”
As the clock winds down to prove whose the “REAL” leading lady in his life Olivia embraces Fitz with hugs and kisses and at that very moment the news conference has gone LIVE!

Tune in for next weeks update of ‘SCANDAL’ on ABC.


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