Adrien Broner Diss Jay Z & Rihanna {Video} After Roc Nation Offer $40 Million Contract

Published On January 12, 2015 | By admin | Local & Worldwide News

Looks like somebody knocked some much needed sense into Adrien Broner, and it wasn’t even in a ring. The boxer is now taking back all the stuff he said about Jay Z and Rihanna a few days.

Over the weekend, Adrian said Hov could “suck his d-ck with an elephant tongue” after Roc Nation Sports offered him, what he believed to be a “low ball” $40 million/five-year boxing contract. Even Rihanna got a piece of the disrespect when he said she couldn’t do anything for him other than throw him the “P.”

But now the 26-year-old is acknowledging he was wrong and apologizing for getting out of pocket. In a video recording he sent to TMZ, Adrian admits he wasn’t going to respond to the criticism he received for his comments, but a “big homie” [probably his mentor Floyd Mayweather] reached out to him and helped him see the error of his ways.

I gotta address something cause I been getting a lot of feedback of of this interview I did with TMZ. At first, I was gonna let it ride out and say forget the haters and not respond. But my big homie called me, somebody that I respect…somebody that I look up to. And he made me understand why I was wrong. And one of the main reasons why I was wrong was you never invite another man to another man’s private part. That’s just ridiculous.

I was caught up in the moment and I wanna apologize to Jay for that. I’m a man at the end of the day and I’m wrong and I can admit when I’m wrong. everybody can’t admit when they’re wrong but I’m definitely wrong for handling a situation like that. I never should’ve said forget Rihanna or…I said it in a more explicit way.

But I just wanna say I’m wrong to the public. I’m sorry. If Jay wanna talk to me, you can get in touch with me and holla at and we’ll talk about it. But I just had to get it off off my chest… as a man. Cause my big homie… he really called me and told me I was wrong. It was only right I come forward. 100.

‘If Jay wanna talk to me, you can get in touch with me??” Adrian may want to take the first step and reach out and issue a personal apology as well.

As insanely arrogant as he comes across, he had to put his ego aside to at least make the video which may count for something.

Credit Source: Necole Bitchie/TMZ

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