Are You Finished Or Are You Done With Lil Wayne !? {Video} Diss Black Lives Matter

Published On November 4, 2016 | By admin | Local & Worldwide News

Lil Wayne’s camp reportedly tried to stop ABC’s Nightline from airing his interview.

Lil Wayne found himself in hot water earlier this week, when an interview with ABC’s Nightline had him slandering the Black Lives Matter movement, with ignorant comments like, “my life matter, especially to my bitches.” He went on to allege he felt no connection with the movement– “I don’t feel connected to a damn thing that ain’t got nothin’ to do with me.”

Since his comments with viral (and backlash followed), Wayne issued an apology, explaining that the interviewer’s question about his daughter agitated him, resulting in his unthoughtful responses to her Black Lives Matter questions that followed in succession.

Still, it appears as though Weezy’s camp had enough sense to make an attempt to stop the interview from airing entirely– although, obviously, to no avail. TMZ reports that Wayne’s team reached out to ABC multiple times after the interview, in light of Wayne’s insensitive comments, however ABC reportedly never responded. Wayne’s camp claims the question about the rapper’s daughter was not pre-approved, and thus that’s where interviewer Linsey Davis crossed the line. ABC fires back that none of the questions were pre-approved, “when it came to the questions and the topics of the interview nothing was off limits.”

Wayne reportedly fired his publicists after the interview aired because he was so upset.

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