Back To Rap Or Wack !? {Listen Here} Remy Ma Diss “Another One” Song @ Nicki Minaj & The Internet Is Mad

Published On March 3, 2017 | By admin | FAME, Local & Worldwide News

Remy Ma really had the world in her hands. Her original Nick Minaj diss dropped over the weekend and it seemed like she has her down for the count. But she just couldn’t leave well enough alone. So what does she so? She tries to drop a “Back To Back” of her own – a chart-topping diss record named “Another One” – and it fell flatter than Nick Minaj’s pre-body.

The song had these weird violins and a wack hook and even wacker lines. Maybe Remy should have just stuck to spitting fire over early-2000s beats. Because this wasn’t it. Now the whole world is roasting Remy for her effort. Like Winston Churhill once said, “first they love you then they hate you then they love you again.” That was Churchill, right? Probably. Anyway, take a look at all the slander.

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