{Details} George Zimmerman VS DMX Fight Cancelled !!

Published On February 9, 2014 | By admin | Local & Worldwide News

As Previously Reported Celebrity boxing promoter Damon Feldman selected DMX out of 15,000 applicants after George Zimmerman issued an open challenge to fight anyone willing to take him on in a boxing match.

An online petition has been published on the White House’s We the People website requesting that the government to step in and do something to stop the fight from happening.

The petition states that “Celebrity Boxing Promoter Damon Feldman and George Zimmerman are attempting to promote and profit off of racial tensions in America” and that the fight will only have negative effects.

“This will only hurt America, as it will continue to stir up racial tensions that have been ongoing in this nation for quite some time,” the petition continues. “No promoter or celebrity boxer should ever be allowed to use racial tension to profit.”

Breaking News from TMZ: George Zimmerman will not be going toe-to-toe with DMX in a celebrity boxing event … and the promoter says it’s because his conscience finally kicked in.

The promoter for the event took to Twitter Saturday afternoon to officially cancel the event … and said he finally realized there’s “more to life then money.”

The promoter adds, “Just looked at my son and daughter today wow I’m so lucky those people must be in so much pain … all you people are right.”

Credit Source: TMZ/Twitter

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