Hollywood Divorce {Rumor or Fact} Lil Wayne Ex Toya Wright & Husband Memphitz Call It Quits

Published On January 6, 2015 | By admin | Local & Worldwide News

We’re still not sure where things went wrong between Toya Wright and Memphitz (born Mickey Wright), as they’ve always seemed like a happy couple, but the issues that both parties have been alluding to on social media seem to be getting worse. They’ve become so hard to deal with that now, Wright and Memphitz are staying in two different states–she is still in Atlanta, but he is reportedly staying in Los Angeles right now.

According to TMZ, Memphitz wasn’t happy being in relationship that was in the public eye (“a celebrity marriage” according to the site), and while he doesn’t plan to file for divorce, it doesn’t seem that a reconciliation will happen right now. The website says that Memphitz will let Toya be the one to file divorce papers if that’s what she decides to do, and also claims that rumors here and there about him having another child outside of their marriage aren’t true–he reportedly had a vasectomy a long time ago.

We told you recently that things started to look a little shaky between these two after Memphitz posted a picture of his wife’s wedding ring in a glass and told people that “this public marriage thing ain’t for every1. sh*t is hard. but when love let u down u let love go. who do i trust? who do I depend on? ME! Thas Who! just be happy.” Advertisement:Replay Ad She responded by posting the quote, “Even the deepest of love may not be enuf [sic] too [sic] outweigh the depth of your situation…Prayer however, outweighs all…” and following it up with “they tell me forever is temporary.”

Since then, Memphitz posted this on January 3 on Twitter and Instagram:

Happy 2015. yea I’m a lil late but a nigga always on time. #MissMeWitThatLoveShit

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they tell me forever is temporary.

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