Hollywood Hook Up {Rumor or Fact} Jay Z Warn Rihanna Don’t Date Chris Martin

Published On July 3, 2014 | By admin | Local & Worldwide News

A music industry insider told Dish Nation,

“Rihanna is on strict orders from Jay not to mess with Chris. He laid down the law and warned her that there’ll be repercussions if she crosses the line. Jay, and especially Beyonce, are very close with Gwyneth and after Gwyn confessed that she and Chris are working on reuniting, Bey told Jay to have a talk with Rihanna.’

“Rihanna does whatever she damn well pleases most of the time, but Jay is the one person she respects. Even though Rihanna thinks Chris is cute, she gave Jay her word that she’d behave. She’s dialed back the sexy too, wearing baggy pants and sweatshirts, and keeping their conversations strictly platonic and work-related.”

The “Princess of China” collaborators raised eyebrows when they shared an intimate dinner together in Santa Monica on June 8th.

Two weeks later, the duo spent a weekend holed up in a L.A. recording studio – right about the same time Chris reportedly moved back in with Gwyneth, whom he “consciously uncoupled” with in March.

“Rihanna wouldn’t mess with a married man, especially one with such close ties to Jay,” added the source. “Rihanna a little nasty in her, but she’s a shrewd businesswoman too. There’s no way she’d put her career on the line for a hook up.”

Credit Source: Dish Nation

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