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Wale “The Body” lyrics

[Hook: Jeremih] (x2)
Baby you got a body like a Benz
And I’m just tryna drive it once again

[Verse 1: Wale]
Shawty can I be your tank, yeah
I start of with that “What you drinkin’?”
Pardon if I’m road raging
But I know you heard my drive is crazy
Yeah, let me pace that, with some patience
Let me do it till I fill every void
You’re like a Maybach, thinking damn, they ain’t even make ’em like you no more
It’s like a high beam gleaming through your eye (bling)
I can door you up, baby suicide
A little wordplay, I’m hoping I can make you smile
Least until I’m out of line like a DUI
Girl you remind me of my Jeep
Can I see what’s up with that G-Wagon
Can I take you off of these streets
To the side of me, I’m tryna see your hazards
Tryna be with the baddest, won’t be the fastest
Gotta make it last, I hope you comfortable
I need to get to you, you’re like a 62
A little work, then it’s curtains when I’m skrrtin’ through
Came through in the brw, tryna leave in the coupe
That mean I gots a few, but I believe in you
Tryna chase the cat, know I’m killin’ the dog
You ain’t feeling me naw, that mean I don’t need the roof

[Hook 2: Jeremih & Wale]
You remind me of my Jeep, I wanna ride it
You something like my car
I got the keys to them, I need the keys to you

[Pre-Hook: Jeremih]
You put on a show, you don’t need no clothes
Give me little bit more, always take it slow
I know you don’t wanna stop, I’m tryna make it go
Now speed it up like a Maserati, and look at me and pose

[Hook 1: Jeremih] (x2)

[Verse 3: Wale]
A good woman is scarce to us
And I wasn’t prepared to love
And it sound crazy, but your miles crazy
I’m just here cause your character good (truth be told)
A good nigga is rare to her (truth be told)
You heard it all but hear this love
One night with dude, I be the reason you [?]
So let me know am I clear enough, yeah wassup
Way I, way I, that’s the way I think
Shawty straight like, a concert on [?] street
In the morning I slide over, she needs a ride I’m like
“Tight, let’s keep it AMG”
Slidin’ down, precipitating is straight
Top down, let me kiss your physique
I’m diggin’ your [?], I’m checkin’ your gear
Can tell you had a good year, spent a grip on your feet
She like when I drive it, I like it in park
Pull that thing over you likely to sore
I got her floating like riding on stars
So I keep it GPS, see where this going
Nothing will stop it, I slide in no problem
Ch-ch-chop it, my swipe your parts
Sections her weapon, my snake in her garden
So know when I’m not here the [?] is on

[Pre-Hook] + [Hook] (x2)

Credit Source: YouTube/Direct Lyrics

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