How Stella Got Her Groove Back {Pictures} Angela Bassett Sexy At 55 Interview

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You better werk Ms. Bassett!

If I look like this at 55, you won’t be able to tell me nothing!

Proving that she’s still the number one stunner in lingerie and leopard heels, Angela Bassett is giving us much leg and life in her new feature for beauty/fashion magazine Violet Grey. Inside, Angela poses it up in sexy lingerie, while dishing on being a woman of strength.  She also reveals the times when she feels the most vulnerable, and what she truly sees in the reflection when she looks in the mirror.

Catch the highlights and more pics below:

On what she sees when she looks in the mirror
A passionate woman who knows what she loves and has been blessed to be able to do it…and continue to do it!

On when she’s most vulnerable
When I’m told I can’t do something. When I’m told I’m not good enough, that I can’t have something, can’t go somewhere, especially because of the color of my skin.

On being a strong woman and if she always comes out on top
Not with everything, but that’s when you stick out your chest and you gather your strength. I was raised by my mother, and she taught me how! You can’t be in this industry if you’re afraid of a little rejection.

Her advice for aspiring actors
It’s the same with everything: You have to study your craft. Actresses make it look easy because that’s the way it should look—effortless. When a great actor does their job they’re leaving a piece of their soul in the room. It takes a little out of you, but that’s okay. Life will take a little out of you, love will take a little out of you. We’re talking about demonstrating the best and worst of the human experience.

On the best date to have to an event
A friend or a sister. I mean, the husband is always great, but there is something about a girlfriend…

Reveal just enough but not too much. Such class!

Check out more pics below:

Angela Bassett for Violet Grey

Angela Bassett for Violet Grey 4

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