Identity Crisis {Rumor or Fact} TI Wife Tiny Permanently Changes Eye Color To Blue

Published On October 27, 2014 | By admin | Local & Worldwide News

Today, she confirmed it herself via Instagram.

In a post (that has since been deleted) Tiny thanked her doctor over at BrightOcular for making it all happen.


She wrote: I permanently changed my eye color with Brightocular and loving it! Thank you Dr. Montasser Menif for the amazing experience and for making my dream come true. I hated wearing contacts just for the color and it made my vision blurry. Blessed to say my vision is perfect after my ice-gray implants.

Special thanks to #Spencer Vessa for all that you’ve done to make the process happen. You’re amazing and thank you #faiza for your exceptional customer service.

She went on to mention the company’s website and a promotional code to use for anyone who wanted to get it done.

[Changing eye colors may end up being the new “big booty” soon after that huge celebrity endorsement.]

As stated in our prior post, there were rumors that Tiny had gone to Africa and changed her eye color with implants.  When asked about the rumors on the Breakfast Club, T.I. somewhat refused to answer the question, which raised eyebrows.  It looks as though the company is based in the United States so a portion of the rumor may have been untrue

Definitely don’t try this without the proper research folks. Although Tiny said she can see perfectly, with anything, there are possible damages that can take place, like loss of vision.

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