Jhonni Blaze Goes To Jail: The Truth Behind The Rumors !!

Published On March 21, 2014 | By admin | Local & Worldwide News

The Rumor:

Rumors surfaced quickly that Jhonni Blaze was arrested and  locked up in Atlanta via Baller Alert and other gossip sites published articles regarding Jhonni, real name Jzapal Jackson. People took to twitter and other social sites stating Jhonni had been on the run since her 30-year-old boyfriend, Brian Washington, was shot dead just outside of Houston’s NOX nightclub on December 25, 2013. Many Assumed Jhonni fled to Atlanta “to avoid being questioned by homicide detectives” — leading a Harris County, TX judge to declare Jackson a “Fugitive From Justice.” According to the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office, the 5′ foot, 157-pound stripper was arrested about a week ago on March 5, 2014. She’s being held at the Fulton County Jail, without bond.


The Truth:

SpillThaTea.com received an exclusive email from Jhonnie Blaze mother Ruby:

I am jhonniblaze mom I’m so concerned because there is a women sending all these lies to different sites saying jhonniblaze has something to do with Brian Washington’s death. this is not true she is in jail for a misdemeanor charge that has nothing to do with that murder, we loved Brian, two people shot each other one of them happened to be her boyfriend , this lady is telling different sites she’s in jail for murder , not true. I am hoping you all can help me clear her of this she had a fight in Harris County , she did not show up for court so she in jail for a misdemeanor. please help me clear this up on your site, she has been through enough and my heart goes out to brain’s mom I talk to all the time , I am so grateful thank you so much god bless



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