Justice is Served: Michael Dunn Found Guilty of Jordan Davis Murder

Published On October 3, 2014 | By admin | Local & Worldwide News

Jury Finds Michael Dunn Guilty Of Murder Via HuffingtonPost Michael Dunn was found guilty of killing 17-year-old Jordan Davis in September, 2012 after an argument over loud music.

The jury took about 5 hours to reach a verdict on Wednesday. A jury deadlocked in February over whether to convict him of killing Davis. He was convicted on three counts of attempted murder for shooting at Davis’ friends in the car.

Dunn testified at this month’s trial as well as his last that he killed Davis in self-defense after the teen threatened him. He also said he thought Davis had a gun, but no weapon was ever found.


After the verdict, Davis’ parents said justice had been done.

“Words cannot express our joy, but also our great sorrow, because with the verdicts of all counts being guilty for Michael Dunn, we know that Jordan has received his justice,” McBath said.

At Dunn’s first trial in February, he was convicted of three counts of attempted second-degree murder. The jury was hung on the first-degree murder charge, so prosecutors retried him.

Prosecutors didn’t seek the death penalty, which means Dunn now faces a mandatory life sentence. He is scheduled to be sentenced Oct. 17. He had already faced at least 60 years for the previous convictions.

Prosecutor John Guy said during opening statements that when Dunn pulled into the parking spot, the music from the SUV was blaring.

“He looked at his girlfriend and said I hate that thug music,” Guy said.

Dunn said the problems started when he and his fiancee heard loud bass thumping from an SUV parked next to them after they pulled into a convenience store to buy a bottle of wine. Dunn had just come from his son’s wedding.

“I put my window down … and I said ‘Hey, would you mind turning that down please?'” Dunn said.

Testimony from the other teenagers said Dunn was angry when he asked them to turn the music down.

The music was turned off for a short time until Davis started yelling curse words, telling his friends to turn it back up.

Throughout the second trial, prosecutors portrayed Dunn as a cold-blooded killer. Dunn never called 911 after firing into the SUV, and afterward he went back to his hotel, made a drink, ordered pizza, walked his dog and went to sleep.

Even after learning on the news about Davis’ death, Dunn drove home to Satellite Beach, Florida, and did not contact authorities until they called him.

Dunn’s attorney, Waffa Hanania, did not comment after the verdict.

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