Keeping Up With The Kardashians {Rumor or Fact} Bruce Jenner Wants Sex Change From Man To Woman !?

Published On February 5, 2014 | By admin | Local & Worldwide News

After stepping out with longer hair, longer nails, and feminized features, Bruce Jenner‘s transformation has continued with its most shocking step yet: The Olympian turned reality star underwent a “laryngeal shave” procedure earlier this month to soften the appearance of his Adam’s apple.

New photos of Jenner leaving a clinic in Beverly Hills with his throat bandaged.

The photographs show a weary Jenner with his long hair down, in a top zipped up over his neck, and bandages clearly poking out.

“The car took him back to his Malibu home” after the procedure, “and he was told no talking for a few days.”

Bruce Jenner Has Adam Apple Removed Amid Sex Change Rumors (Oh Wow Pics)

Days before The Keeping Up With Kardashians Star Kris Jenner and Bruce Jenner announced their separation, he was already gushing to fans about his new life. “I’m finally free,” he said at an event on October 18, “to do what I want and live life the way I want.”

Before/After Pictures


Credit Source: Radar Online/National Enquirer/Getty Images

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