Lawsuit {Video} Tyrese Gibson Child Abuse Case Dropped After Crying His Heart Out

Published On November 3, 2017 | By admin | Local & Worldwide News

The ongoing trial surrounding Tyrese Gibson, his ex-wife Norma Gibson and their 10-year-old daughter, Shayla, has reportedly been dropped, Page Six reports.

The actor’s reps confirm to the publication that Tyrese will not be undergoing criminal charges after he was alleged to have physically abused Shayla so bad that she was unable to sit down. No further information has been revealed on Tyrese’s visiting rights to his daughter since a restraining order was put on by Norma.

Previous details on the case noted that Norma wasn’t looking to strip Tyrese of ever seeing Shayla again but simply wanted him to get help since she cited previous abuse he inflicted on her. She said she wanted Tyrese and their daughter to have a healthy relationship.

#Repost @hiphopsrevival ・・・ #tyrese breaks down into tears over custody battle with his daughter 😫 should one parent be allowed to keep kids away from the other? Comment your thoughts

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Tyrese’s last Instagram post was a more uplifting/positive share compared to his previous ones. In his last picture posted for his 9-million followers, Tyrese is hopeful on seeing his little girl again with a photo of him holding Shayla when she was much younger. The caption read, “Shayla You will dance with your father again.” See the full post below.

Before it was announced that the trial has been dropped, Tyrese shared a very emotional video of him breaking down in tears asking the courts to “please don’t take” his baby. He followed up his breakdown with another video, of course, where he said he’s “actually okay.”

“I’m not putting this up to calm people down. If people are having conversations about what’s going no in my personal life. My private life has always been private. Do your research,” he said in the video. “Anybody who’s ever been in my life will tell you ‘Ive never seen him cry like that, Ive never seen him have melt down. Im not a singer, Im not an actor, Im not a writer, Im not a celebrity, Im a father ok. Im a father baby. It’s a universal thing.”

Soon again…. Shayla You will dance with your father again… Crack your jokes, do your best to inject yourself into this #DaddyDaughter custody situation……. The real MEN and fathers out here know….. it only highlights your OWN insecurities…… ! wish ! had it in me to respond, ! normally do ! just can’t cause all of my energy and prayers and love and power belongs to SHAYLA…. Cause #ShaylaRocks God bless you….. Have fun guys with your little ones ok? When you hear their little feet running though the house don’t take it for granted….

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