Love & Hip Hop Houston {Rumor or Fact} Show Canceled After Fight Between Jhonni Blaze & Just Brittany

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Love and Hip Hop Houston is currently shut down for the moment, allegedly sources close to the show reported that production has been stopped after an altercation turned violent. Jhonni Blaze was allegedly involved in the incident that shut down taping of the newest reality show on her birthday. We are speaking of Jhonni Blaze, the same chick who went crazy on Rich Dollaz from Love and Hip Hop New York.

Jhonni Blaze and another girl turned into a scary incident where guns were reportedly drawn and they were all frightened. Jhonni was in a club and camera crews were present when a fight broke out between herself and another woman who has not been identified. The argument between the reality star and an unknown woman was caught on video and it looks like things were pretty heated. So, they mad because Jhonni Blaze has a camera crew filming her for her birthday? I swear people are so jealous and envious of other people who work to be where they are today.

And here it goes

A video posted by Deadend Redd (@deadend_redd) on

The fight between Jhonni and another cast member, rumored to be Just Brittany, turned serious, guns were drawn, and possibly fired. Whoever was on the losing end of the fight decided to draw guns “on some of the reality stars and camera crew who were present”; the show was being taped on Jhonni’s birthday, it was believed that “filming was going on in a club while Jhonni and others were trying to celebrate.”
Just Brittany has come forward to claim that all of this is was a misunderstanding. Earlier today, she retweeted a newer report, one for which she was interviewed and she says that the show hasn’t been canceled, nor has production stopped.
“Nothing is being canceled,” according to that report, and the beef between Just Brittany and Jhonni, apparently ended, I don’t know who they think they fooling, but if the situation hasn’t been resolved, the real issue real reveal itself on the reality show, if the show continues. Jhonni is always in some mess and this situation could cancel and the show, the cast, along with producers and camera crew will be out of a job. She really needs to get some help and calm the f$ck down.
Jhonni posted this photo of herself and Just Brittany on her Instagram feed shortly after the initial reports emerged:

A man who goes by “Dead End Redd” posted a video on Instagram about the violent night. Texans criticizes the VH1 reality show for coming to their state and bringing the drama like all the other cities where the franchise is filmed. Producer and creator of Love and Hip Hop franchise Mona Scott-Young has postponed the show and those behind production can make sure that their camera crews, staff, and the reality stars themselves can be assured that they are not putting themselves in harm’s way.

Filming for the newest city in the VH1 reality show franchise reportedly started last week. The cast was said to include Jhonni Blaze as well as Mehgan Ellis from Basketball Wives LA and Bad Girls Club along with Kirko Bangz, The Charlo Twins, J. Prince Jr., The Sauce Twins, Just Brittany, Lil Keith, DJ Eric,Propain & DJ Shante’


With production on the popular reality show, fans are wondering if Love and Hip Hop Houston is even going to happen. Filming reportedly just started a week ago with plans to air the premiere season before the end of the year. Now that VH1 is dealing with major violence, possibly involving guns, they may rethink plans to even air the show.
Hopefully, we’ll get official “Love and Hip Hop Houston canceled” word over the next few days. The show hasn’t yet been given a premiere date.
The cast has been seen filming together since the alleged altercation. Friday night the cast was split between #EngineRoom nightclub and #Aura, but later joined together at the renowned #VLive. At no time was there a threatening incident. #JustBrittany and #JhonniBlaze had even made amends, according to a post on Jhonni’s Instagram page.

Filming did not come to a halt due to any confrontation. The producers have wrapped filming the trailer for the Houston franchise and are reportedly off to start part of Miami’s filming.

-Credit Source: Baller Alert/PettyStatus

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