Marlon Wayans And Lord Jamar Beef on Twitter!!!

Published On March 8, 2014 | By admin | Local & Worldwide News

Lord Jamar got in a Twitter argument with “Scary Movie” actor/comedian Marlon Wayans after posting a photo of actor Omar Epps, who wore something that resembled a skirt on The View. The Brand Nubian rapper originally tweeted a screenshot of Epps with the caption, “What the bloodclot???!!!,” which caught Marlon’s attention.

Wayans messaged Lord Jamar, “@lordjamar the real question is why you taking close shits of a nigga crotch and tweeting it? U wearing an invisible dress. #real2snapsupofu.”

Jamar was quick to respond, “@MarlonWayans I’m not the one who took the pic it was sent to me…why u worried? U like that style huh? Lol.”

The whole debate continued on Twitter, with both men taking shots at one another.

Many don’t know the backstory and the reason why we’re sure Marlon jumped to Omar’s defense. Marlon and Omar Epps are childhood friends. They’ve been cool for more than half their lives. So, it’s not a shock that Marlon would feel protective if he heard that Jamar was cracking jokes on his homie on twitter. Anyone can understand that and not many would fault him.  Of course other people chimed in with  thirsty comments that were meaner than either of these guys’ put together in an attempt to get a pat on the head or a virtual “at a boy” from one of the two more famous tweeters.

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