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Last Wednesday, Marilyn Edge (42yrs) lost custody of her autistic son Jaelen (13yrs) and her daughter Faith (9yrs), after an ongoing custody battle since 2009. It was found by a Judge in a Georgia court hearing that Edge was alienating the children from her ex-husband and said he should be given full custody.

Saturday,Edge then attempted to take her own life by driving a car into an electrical box outside of a shopping complex in Costa Mesa. She refused to get out of the car and tried to choke herself with an electrical cord as rescuers attempted to save her. The two children were then found shortly after in a nearby hotel room.

Authorities haven’t released many details of the case as of yet but prosecutors alleges that the children were poisoned.

On Monday, Marilyn Edge was charged with two counts of murder “with special circumstances” for having admitted to poisoning her children. Marilyn Edge could be eligible for the death penalty if convicted, which was also a special request by Edge during her first court appearance since her arrest.





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