Nelson Mandela Hospitalized. President Obama Visits South Africa.

Published On July 1, 2013 | By admin | Local & Worldwide News

President Barack Obama did not get a chance to see Nelson Mandela on his trip to South Africa due to his critical conditions, but he used his historic visit to pay tribute.
Mandela shows what was possible when a priority is placed on human dignity, respect for law, that all people are treated equally,” Obama said.

“And what Nelson Mandela also stood for is that the well-being of the country is more important than the interests of any one person,” Obama continued.  “George Washington is admired because after two terms he said enough, I’m going back to being a citizen. There were no term limits, but he said I’m a citizen. I served my time. And it’s time for the next person, because that’s what democracy is about. And Mandela similarly was able to recognize that, despite how revered he was, that part of this transition process was greater than one person.”

At the joint press conference, President Zuma offered an update on Mandela’s health — saying there has been no change in his health but that he hopes he will be able to leave the hospital soon.

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