New Movie Alert {Video} Congratulations Jordan Peele Racial Horror Flick “Get Out” Make $30+ Million Box Office Weekend

Published On February 27, 2017 | By admin | FAME

If you haven’t gone to see Jordan Peele’s masterpiece movie “Get Out”, then you’re playing yourself in the worst way.

Not only is it an incredible film, but it’s making money. BIG money.

According to USAToday, the damn-near-perfect reviews and word-of-mouth recommendations have lead to a $30.5 million opening weekend!

But here’s the cherry on top, “Get Out” only cost $4.5 million to make. In money obsessed Hollyweird production system, that will earn Jordan LOTS of kisses on the a$$.

Even without Peele in the film, audiences turned out in droves to experience the high-concept horror movie. According to exit polls, African Americans comprised an estimated 39% of the opening weekend audiences, while Caucasians made up 36%. A whopping 49% were under age 25.

“Social media is going to keep this movie front and center,” says Paul Dergarabedian, comScore senior media analyst, who predicts the film will have staying power.

If you search the #GetOut hashtag on Twitter you’ll see what Paul is talking about.

Grab ya bad, ya homies, ya momma, ya cousin and ’em and go to the theater to see this movie!

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