New Music {Video} K. Michelle – Love Em All

Published On September 19, 2014 | By admin | FAME

Cuffing season may be right around the corner, but our girl K. Michelle is still kicking out those “I-don’t love ‘em” heartbreaker anthems.

The Rebellious Soul singer dropped a new single titled “Love Em All,” which sounds a little more crossover than the R&B jams we are used to hearing from her. On the pop/rock-infused track, she’s giving these dudes a taste of their own medicine by turning the tables and being the heartbreaker instead of being the heartbroken.

Heart beats but I don’t feel
I touch, but it ain’t real
they say that I move too fast
going man to man, always holding a new hand
Why can’t they understand
Sex is irrelevant
Just a game in my head that I’m playing
And I’m winning

I broke another heart today
And I didn’t care, I just walked away
‘Cause they think I love ‘em, but I love ‘em all


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