New Music {Video} Lil Wayne + Nicki Minaj + Tyga – Senile

Published On April 21, 2014 | By admin | FAME

“Senile” Lyrics
Young Money (performed by Tyga, Nicki Minaj & Lil Wayne)

High in the video, fuck with me, hella raw, raw got a little riddle, riddle, twerk for a star
Started from the- like Christina, got a million/Millian; man I’m a good guy, turned to a vill-i-an
Bully in the pack turned to a rat, pussy on my jack, I, hit a bitch with a car bomb
Bombs in L.A., bombs in the Bay, nigga you ain’t safe, I, run with niggas like O-Dog
All we do is ball.. all we do is ball, now I’m passed out
Lean in the drop, ice in the watch nigga, that’s Ben & Jerry dollars, watch a nigga make a stack house
Gingerbread man run while you can, all you niggas lame, tooly on me, got killers on speed dial
Infrared blam if a nigga shout, don’t get packed out, pro’lly hear the paparazzi when I back out

[Chorus: Tyga]
Can you see now? Are you senile?
Can you see now? You could see now?
Can you see now? Can you see now?
Can you see now? When you see a nigga, don’t be actin’ senile

[Nicki Minaj]
Sky dweller check, helicopter pad, droppin’ off a body bag, money talk, guess I got the gift of gab
Don’t interject, don’t intercept, you ain’t on a jet, you ain’t meet a bitch with this kinda money yet
Yeah, I got an Audemar, I ain’t set the time once and I know they say they shine, I ain’t seen ’em shine once
All these rappers is my sons, and I’m always nine months; man if this was baseball, I ain’t let ’em slide once
Do you see now? You playin’ D now?
Oh, you wanna beat me, how? Oh, you the number one draft in the league now?
R-r-ride down ya block, doors twelve o’clock, Lambo, the drop, bike niggas, ain’t stoppin’ for a cop
I got this shit locked tighter than a bear hug; when them bitches rap, niggas need an ear plug
Can you see now?


[Tyga – repeat 4X]
Ride with the heat, trunk full of beat, bomb like the Middle East, I got, killers in the street

[Lil Wayne]
Nigga got a problem? See about it, knock the nigga off, beat the body
I’m just makin’ all these deposits; (Neighborhood) nice and quiet, thought I saw Mr. Rogers, nigga
I could sell salt and equalize it – wait, I said I could sell salt and equalize it
Boy, I got every award but a Heisman, do a drive by on you niggas, make a U-turn for survivors
Take a newborn from his momma, stick a shoe horn in vaginas, got the coupe on Yokohamas, got the super soaker chopper, uh
We’ll kidnap the kingpin, like “Who is your supplier?”
Nigga better know the fire, nigga better know somebody, I know niggas that’ll kill ya for a little notoriety
I can make a lion say “meow”, I’m in this mothafucka gettin’ money ’til I’m SENILE!!

[Chorus 2X]

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