New Music {Video} Yo Gotti – Errrbody + Lyrics

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New Music {Video} Yo Gotti – Errrbody + Lyrics

This shit here for errbody errbody …

Errbody wanna be a dope boy, errbody wanna be a coke boy
Errbody gotta choppa,errbody get money,errbody say they from the hood, errbody real but they not boy
Err’bitch say that she a bad bitch, errbody on instagram lookin like they mad rich but they not
Errbody say they started from the bottom now they at the top

(Verse 1)

Errbody say they they got haters, errbody got paper guess ain’t nobody broke
But who is me to talk about the next nigga out here flexin’ when I did it befoe
And who is you to talk about this whip ain’t mine but you see a nigga in it with the top down
Boy you sound like a hater on the front line,imma hit the block for ya one more time
Errbody got some to say, errbody wanna hate if ya ask me err’bitch gay
In the club dancing on ha friend tryna pretend, when ya know you go both ways
Err’nigga think that shit coo,dont you be fooled you should bring ya friend home witcha
Tell ya eat her pussy then you can’t be mad, cause ya shouldve neva gave me the wrong picture


(Verse 2)

Errbody fuckin errbody bitch errbody with the shit, thats life
And err’nigga tryna fuck the next nigga bitch not knowin his bitch is the next nigga bitch
Rolls gold rolie thats a check on my wrist, oh im bout to blow a check in this bitch
Truth be told I dont even drink but im tyrna turn up for a bitch
I know alot of nobodies wanna be somebody, plug on the way thats a new bugatti
25bands just fucked up [?] , CMGE nigga thats errbody
Nobody wanna be lame, know alot of nobodies but won’t say nobody name
Nobody snatchin’ my chain, true skreet nigga I ain’t in nobody lane



(Verse 3)

Errbody goin to the mall buyin’ da designer,niggas got hunnid dolla lineups
Hermes belt on some GG jeans, child support lookin highlow to find em
Couple niggas ballin’ in the club, poppin’ bottles buyin’ booths
But if a nigga wanna know the truth, still own a plug in that rented ass coupe
If his watch ain’t real then his chain ain’t too
Shawty gotta million some followers, a million some problems
But she a different person on the gram
Meet ha in person, you like where all the purses
Thought you had errcolor, shawty yean got naan
Errbody need to be theyself, errbody famous ain’t no regular people left
Errbody smokin’ on kush, if you smokin’ on regular, you know you gotta smoke by yaself


Cause this shit here for errbody errbody
Nigga I got money I put on errbody errbody
Keep one in the head cause ion trust nobody nobody
Imma pull it out let it ride imma hit errbody errbody
I swear you can get it pussy nigga thats for


I said this shit here for errbody errbody

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