No More Free Internet !! The Federal Government FCC Repeals Net Neutrality & Everybody Will Be Charged For Almost Everything

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The FCC has voted to repeal Net Neutrality. That means they can ruin the internet. They can let Internet Service Providers slow your internet, charge you more and cut off vital information. It’s a disaster. Nobody is pleased about it, either. There are ways to resist for sure, like this:

In a victory for internet service providers like AT&T, Comcast and Verizon, the Federal Communications Commission voted Thursday to repeal net neutrality rules.

FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai, who was appointed by President Donald Trump, forged ahead with the vote, despite widespread opposition and a request from 18 state attorneys general to delay it over concerns that the public comment process was corrupted by fraudulent messages.


What you need to know

  • Net neutrality was repealed: The FCC voted to end rules that were put in place to keep the internet open and fair.
  • What that means: Those rules prevented internet service providers from playing favorites by speeding up or slowing down traffic from specific websites and apps.
  • What’s next: The issue may ultimately end up being decided in court. Congress can also choose to pursue a legislative solution.


Is this net neutrality repeal set in stone?

    • Not necessarily. The repeal could be overturned in court or by Congress. A Democratic senator is already working on legislation. Net neutrality advocates are also saying they’ll push ahead with both options to fight the repeal. In order for the repeal to go into effect, it must be approved by the Office of Management and Budget — a process that could take several months.YOUR QUESTIONS, ANSWERED

      I’ve heard of net neutrality. But what exactly is it?

      • The net neutrality rules were intended to keep the internet open and fair. They explicitly prevent internet service providers from playing favorites by speeding up or slowing down traffic from specific websites and apps. Those rules were put in place in 2015 during the Obama administration. They were repealed today.



What will I have to pay for now?

  • At this point, it’s all theoretical. But the repeal could change how customers are billed for services, both for good and bad. T-Mobile, for example, was criticized by net neutrality supporters for effectively making it cheaper for customers to stream videos from Netflix and HBO, putting other video services at a disadvantage. Without net neutrality, internet providers may pursue similar offers more aggressively, which would likely be viewed as a positive by consumers looking to save money on their streaming media.


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