On The Rise To FAME: Ashton Dior Q&A

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On The Rise To FAME: Ashton Dior Q&A

More Than a Promoter; They Say The Best Books Are The One You “Judge By The Cover”. Outside Looking In People Always Wonder Who, What, When, Where and Why. No Need To Wonder Who Ashton Dior Is, What You See is What You Get, Plus Much  More.  The Same Person Every Time, an Genuine Human Being. Who Deserves Credit for The Social Changing Trends She is Embarking on The Community. She’s Not Afraid To Follow or Take Lead as Long as it’s going in the Right Direction, a Positive Uplift To Make a Difference.

SpillThaTea.com Q&A

SpillThaTea: For Those Who Don’t Know You. Who Is Ashton Dior??
Ashton Dior: I’m A Real Person {Laugh}. I’m A Educator, Promoter, and Fashion Designer/Stylist. I’m A People Person.

SpillThaTea: I Remember You Being A Mc for Nishia Da Diva, How Did That Come About??
Ashton Dior: {Laugh} It Started When Cookie La Cook Was At The Old Toys Off Glenmont & Nishia Was Her Mc Then. Unfortunately Cookie Passed Away And Nishia Had To Step Up In Running The Club And When She Relocated Me Being Her Friend Was Like, I’ll Do It. (#SpillThaTea Fun Fact: The Current Club Epic Is The Original Classic Club Toyz For The LGBT Community)

SpillThaTea: Now With Ashton Entertainment, What Made You Want To Start Promoting??
Ashton Dior: I Wanted Something Different, I Think That We As A Community Was Stuck In Time And Respected The Game But When The New Generation Came You See Trends Become Different, & I Wanted To Be A part Of Making That Difference.

SpillThaTea: With Making A Difference You’ve Done That With Kids, How Long Have You Been Teaching??
Ashton Dior: 14 Years. I Love Kids But I Think It’s Time For Ashton To Explore. With Teaching It’s So Many Limits Because Teachers Are Held To A Moral Standard And Kind Of Have To Live Their Life On Egg Shells. In Respects Of Others And Myself I Decided To Step On Faith And Find Out What All Ashton Can Accomplish. My Last Year Of Teaching Will Be May 2013.

SpillThaTea: So What Is Your Passion??
Ashton Dior: Leadership. I’m A People Person. Rather Leading In Entertainment Or From A Fashion Standpoint. I Noticed With Teaching I Was Limited To What “Ashton” Could Do In The Eye Of An “Educator” But I Rather Take That Leadership Role And Guide People Rather In A Group Or Individually.

SpillThaTea: We’ve Encounters Some Strong Will Virgos, What’s Soooo Special About The Virgos?? {Laugh}
Ashton Dior: What’s Not Great About Virgo !! {Laughs} Virgos We Are Everything. We’re So Freaking Loyal And If You Take The Time To Get Us…And Once You Have Us…{Laughs} We Genuine. What You See Is What You Get. We’re The Only Sign So Deep and Proud of Being an Virgo.

SpillThaTea: What Is Your Ideal Mate??
Ashton Dior: I Really Don’t Know, But I Know I’m Complicated. Maybe Because I Expect People to Think and Act like Me, But I’m Still Learning That’s Why I’m Single. I’m stuck in My Ways and It Will Take a Strong Woman to Help Me Compromise and I’m Okay with Admitting That.

SpillThaTea: Do You Think Long Term Relationships Work In The LGBT Community??
Ashton Dior: I Think They’re Becoming Non-Existence. People Older Are Getting Out “The Game” And The Younger Ones Are Playing The Game. So It Leaves A lot Of People Who Are True To the Game Like Myself “Stuck In The Game” When To Me Or Us It Was Never A Game, But Our Life.

SpillThaTea: Who Is Your Role Model?
Ashton Dior: P Diddy. I Love That Guy, His Grind. He Made Himself Still Relevant Even After Biggie. A lot Of People Don’t Give Diddy His Credit for Being Sean Combs, Himself. As You Can See I Don’t Need A Group Of People To Hang With Me. A Virgo Trait. {Laughs}

SpillThaTea: Gives The Hottest News & Entertainment and We’ve Noticed Your Facebook Avatar Is A Picture Of “Blue Print Coming “…What Is Blue Print??
Ashton Dior: Blue Print Is A Project For Events, An Exclusive Membership providing Upscale And Different View For The Community. What We Are Trying To Do Is Reach The Other Demographics. So Kim Lawson And I Will Launch This Sometime Fall 2013.

SpillThaTea: Where Do You See Yourself In The Next 5 Years??
Ashton Dior: Being A Trend Setter Rather Promoting, In Entertainment Or From A Fashion Standpoint In Revamping Clothing. Not Sure If I’ll Be Still Leaving In Houston. But I Want To Make Global Moves.

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