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More Than A Woman. Meet Nishia Da Diva.
Serving The Community For Over 8yrs With Her Party Venue, The Self Proclaim Madam Nightlife” Sat Down With Spillthatea.Com In The Comfort Of Her Own Home And Let Us In On Who Is Nishia Da Diva. What’s Done In The Dark Sometimes Get Out shadowed By The Beauty Of The Day. So This Is Nishia Jackson.

 SpillThaTea.com Q&A

SpillThaTea: What Would You Consider One Of Your Greatest Accomplishments??
Nishia Da Diva: In Life If I Had To Define the Odds That Was Placed Against Me from Childhood “They” Said I Would Be One Way, On Welfare or a Crack head Based On Family Traits And I Was Determined To Be The Totally Opposite. Went To School And Accomplished 3 Degrees Despite Adversity.
In Club/Promotions- I Feel I Defined The Odds. My Crowd Changed From When I First Began And My Passion Remained. So Being Able to Stick through All the Slander I Remained Positive and after Almost 9 Years Later, I’m still Standing In The Game.

SpillThaTea: How Does It Feel To Make Such A Impact In The Lesbian Community??
Nishia Da Diva: It Feels Great!! I Didn’t Have Positive Role Models To Look Up To Growing Up So I Had To Look At The “Oprah’s” Or Positive People Out Of Reach From My Upbringing. In The Community A lot Of Negative Things Go On,
So To Have Young And Old People Tell Me They Can Actually Look Up To Me And Strive Harder. It Feels Really Nice.

SpillThaTea: What Are Your Views On Gay Equality??
Nishia Da Diva: I’m A Big Fan Equality.  I Pay Attention to It All, From What People Say about Gay Marriage to Bias Views for Labor at Work.
I Believe We Deserve 100% of Our Rights. We All Are Human And Shouldn’t Be Limited Because Of Our Sexuality, Color Or Race. I’ve Listen to the Reason from Heterosexuals and Gays and We Have the Same Problems. We’re Human.

SpillThaTea: How Long Have You Been A Lesbian??
Nishia Da Diva: Ooooh 8th Grade and I’m 34 Now Lol

SpillThaTea: Do You Find It Difficult To Date Being A Promoter??
Nishia Da Diva: Very. Well I Don’t Find It Difficult to Date Because There Are Not A lot Of Restrictions Or Requirements. I Just Find It Difficult To Be In A Relationship. I Would Love To Be In One but It’s Always Easier Said Than Done

SpillThaTea: What or Who Would Be Your Ideal Mate?
Nishia Da Diva: Someone As Ambitious As I Am But Just As Human As I Am. I Have A Huge Love For People I Love To See People Smile. This Is Personal And Business And Some Have Told Me I’m Naïve Or I Care Too Much About People But I Feel This Is Who God Made Me To Be And If You Can’t Understand My Loving Positive Lifestyle. That’s Strike One. Lol

SpillThaTea: Why Do You Like To Be Called A Diva? Self Proclaimed By Personality??
Nishia Da Diva: Honestly I Got The Name When I Was Young Clubbing Back In 1996 At A Club Called Deon’s. Doing Shows With A Group Of Girls Called “The Divaz”. I Think Diva Compliments My Personality; I Was Always Outgoing And Free Spirited.

SpillThaTea: What Is The Most Exciting Thing You Have Planned For Splash??
Nishia Da Diva: All Of It Is Exciting. Being Able To Bring Celebrities to Pride Is Something Needed and I Wanted To Do Something Different From My Weekly Promotions at Club Divaz

SpillThaTea: Do You See Yourself Being A Promoter In the Next 10 Years??
Nisha Da Diva: I Know When To Fold My Cards. I Will Be A Promoter For As Long As It Make Sense For Me To Promote. Only Thing Constant In Life is Change…When Life Change And It No Longer Make Sense, I Won’t Force It. I Have A Back Up Plan To My Back Up Plan. In My Career And Life, This Is A Bridge For Me.

Club Divaz
2020 Leeland, Houston Tx
Twitter: @NishiaDaDiva


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