Petty Beef: Rihanna Clap Back After Azealia Banks Diss & Defend Donald Trump Muslim Immigration Ban

Published On January 30, 2017 | By admin | Local & Worldwide News

Azealia Banks just can’t seem to keep her thoughts to herself. The outspoken rapper has recently voiced her unpopular opinions about the inauguration and the Women’s March and now she has her sights on the Muslim immigration ban and Rihanna.

The artist hopped on Instagram this morning to post a racial rant about the Muslim ban and her thoughts on the situation. In the midst of her rant she claims that people shouldn’t listen to celebrities and goes after Rihanna in particular.

Riri quickly clapped back at the artist with a post of her own. The singer seemingly goes after Banks and her religion as she hashtags #stayawayfromthechickens #saveourhens.

At this point, things get really heated as Banks retaliates in two posts that go after Rihanna’s intelligence and background as an immigrant. One of the posts lengthy caption cites, “and honestly , don’t get all wound up over that rihanna shit, she doesn’t read books or write songs, she doesn’t have the brains to go toe to toe with me or engage in a full fledged discussion about anything …..with anyone.”

Azealia trolls rihanna again, this time texting her phone and rih puts the conversation as her twitter avi lol #PettyGodMother Check Out Below As The Tea Get Hotter….








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