Kevin Durant Donates $1 Million. Pray For Oklahoma.

Published On May 22, 2013 | By admin | Local & Worldwide News

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Oklahoma City isn’t just a place where Thunder star Kevin Durant plays basketball. It’s His 2nd Home.

“As the day went on and I saw the footage and the casualties and the houses being blown away, it was tough to see,” said Durant, who was in Minneapolis to watch longtime friend Monica Wright play a preseason game for the Minnesota Lynx. “I call Oklahoma City my home. I go through Moore all the time. It’s unfortunate. We’re going to come together as a city like we always do and we’re going to bounce back.” –Kevin Durant in Reaction To The Disaster in Oklahoma

New Updates 9:25am 05/21/2013

President Obama Address The Country on The Disaster in Oklahoma. To The Tornado Victims: “You face long road ahead but will not travel path alone.” “America will stand “with our fellow citizens as long as it takes

Oklahoma Medical Examiner says some tornado victims counted twice, toll revised down to 24. At Least The number of What Was Previous Counted was Reported Wrong. {Sighs} Check Back For Updated News…

MOORE, OK — Busy Week For The Fast and at One Point 2 and a half miles wide Tornado destroyed everything in it’s path. The Category F5 Tornado Hits Oklahoma by surprise.


Spokeswoman Amy Elliott of the Oklahoma City Medical Examiner’s office said she believes at least 91 people are dead, including 20 children, whose elementary school took a direct hit. More than 120 people were being treated at hospitals, including about 50 children. While some families reunited with one another you see parents hug their children, others were left to wait, fearing the worst as the night becomes the next day.


The Story is Still Developing…

Watch ABC 13 NEWS: Live Coverage Updated 5:31 am 05/21/2013

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