Racist Country Music Awards {Video} Beyonce & Dixie Chicks Perform Daddy Lessons & CMA Remove From Website After Threats

Published On November 4, 2016 | By admin | Local & Worldwide News

News that superstar Beyoncé was going to perform at the Country Music Association Awards on Wednesday night was met with both excitement and ridicule. While her fans cheered on the singer, critics took to social media to question why the star was even at the CMAs

In a sheer, clingy gown, Beyoncé sang her country-influenced song “Daddy Lessons” alongside the Dixie Chicks, another Texas music act that has faced plenty of criticism in the past. Before the performance brought the crowd to its feet in Nashville, negative comments targeted the Houston icon on social media.
Despite the entertainer’s long catalog of hits that rose to the top of the charts, several viewers simply didn’t like the fact she was a featured performer on “country music’s biggest night.” And some of the comments were downright racist.
Many critics of the performance choice were primarily on the racist and sexist side of things.

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But there’s another problem.
Reportedly in response to the critics’ comments, the online team for the Country Music Association’s official website decided to scrub away any mention of Beyoncé or the Dixie Chicks on its website.

Within hours of the news being released, fans of country, Beyoncé and the Dixie Chicks demanded a statement from CMA to why it may have scrubbed the women from the site.


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