{RUMOR OR FACT} Chris Brown Being Sued $3Million Dollars for Fighting

Published On December 3, 2013 | By admin | Local & Worldwide News


Chris Brown is being sued for over $3 million dollars in pain and suffering. Frank Ocean’s cousin, Sha’Keir Duarte,filed legal documents against Brown due to a massive brawl that took place outside of a recording studio in West Hollywood last January.

The court documents were itemized with a list of damages and heavy pricetags to match:$1,000,000 for pain, suffering and inconvenience, $1,000,000 for punitive damages, $1,000,000 for emotional distress and $60,000 for medical expenses.

In defense, Chris is fighting back by filing a counter lawsuit, stating Duarte provoked the fight by attacking him first. However, it was reported that after the fight, Brown fled the scene while Frank stayed to speak to police.

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