{Rumor or Fact} Mayweather Connected to allegations of Attempted Murder

Published On March 14, 2014 | By admin | Local & Worldwide News

Floyd Mayweather’s life may have just gotten a little more complicated because two men are claiming that the boxing champion is the catalyst behind a brutal beating.

A source tells TMZ Sports that after some of Mayweather’s jewelry went missing from his home, the boxer pointed the finger at two men who were hired to work at his Vegas mansion. According to the source, Mayweather contacted the men several weeks ago and demanded they meet him at a random location.

When the two men arrived, they were greeted by Mayweather and his “crew” who didn’t exactly opt for a nice little chat … Instead, a nice little beating. The insider tells the news outlet that the group beat the two men with a number of weapons, including clubs.

Although the alleged victims claim they didn’t steal anything, they were still beaten to the point of hospitalization. The men reportedly spent several days in a hospital and suffered broken arms and legs.

The source claims that Mayweather is now under the impression that the two men have nothing to do with his missing jewelry, but it’s too late. According to reports, the unnamed victims have hired a lawyer and are allegedly going after the 37-year-old. The alleged crimes “amount to attempted murder and kidnapping.”










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