{RUMOR or FACT}Michael Jackson’s Son Brandon Howard had BOGUS DNA test!!

Published On March 8, 2014 | By admin | Local & Worldwide News

31-year-old aspiring singer Brandon Howard, who is the son of 80s R&B star Miki Howard, alleged he was Michael Jackson’s secret son and had the DNA test to prove it. Howard claimed he got the paternity test done at a place in Ireland called DNA Lab. Howard and a writer from OnFilm.com revealed the results that showed Jackson is Brandon Howard’s father with 99.99999% probability. MJ brothers stated that they met B Howard one time back in 2012, when he came backstage for a meet and greet after one of their shows but He never even insinuated he might be a relative. And the brother’s say Joe had a professional relationship with Howard’s mom, yet he never breathed a word of this and they say he would have said something, especially after Michael died.

Here’s where things got really interesting. After doing a little digging, it was discovered the logo on the fake DNA results was made from a stock image from Google.  The best part about all of this is the DNA logo was also used in promotional t-shirts for “Terminator: Salvation.”   It was also found that no such place in Ireland exists named DNA Lab.   

Smh…The things people will do for the Jackson FAME!








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