Scandal Season 4 Run {Video} Details of Olivia Pope Abduction

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Season 4, Episode 10 Run

First Aired: January 29, 2015

Details of Olivia’s abduction from her own home are seen from her point of view.

When we last saw Olivia Pope, she was dancing to Stevie Wonder and contemplating sex on a piano. Jake is willing to join her for both activities. He needs blankets for the latter. Pianos tend to be cold. Slippery. As Jake retreats to the bedroom, Olivia is grabbed by a masked intruder. Wine spills on the sofa. Jake immediately realizes something is wrong. He races to the street where he catches the license plate of a car as it speeds off into the night. Jake calls Huck with this lead. He has no idea this was all a setup. Olivia is still inside the building.

The peephole in the apartment across from Olivia’s place provides the perfect view to Jake’s every move. A team of masked kidnappers has surveillance equipment set up. They break down all cameras that were hidden in Olivia’s place while Jake is in the street. Olivia struggles to scream through the duct tape on her mouth. She manages to slip off her ring and lodge it under a rug. Her neighbor, Lois, believes everything will be fine now that Jake is heading out of the building. Olivia knows this isn’t true as her abductors remove their masks. THWAP! Lois is shot in the heart by a kidnapper. Olivia can only helplessly watch as her neighbor bleeds out.

Olivia’s abductors sneak her away in an ambulance along with the body of her neighbor. She knows that none of the men before her are in charge. She’s knocked unconscious with an injection.

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