She’s Back !? Lauryn Hill Face Jail Time & Release {NEW MUSIC}

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Lauryn Hill Set Rumors Straight When She Talked About Past, Her Legal Matters & New Music On Her Tumblr Page:

“It Has Been Reported That I Signed A New Record Deal, And That I Did This To Pay Taxes. Yes, I Have Recently Entered Into An Agreement With Sony Worldwide Entertainment, To Launch A New Label, On Which My New Music Will Be Released. And Yes, I Am Working On New Music.

I’ve Remained Silent, After An Extensive Healing Process. This Has Been A 10+ Year Battle, For A Long Time Played Out Behind Closed Doors, But Now In Front Of The Public Eye. This Is An Old Conflict Between Art And Commerce… Free Minds, And Minds That Are Perhaps Overly Tethered To Structure. This Is About Inequity, And The Resulting Disenfranchisement Caused By It. I’ve Been Fighting For Existential And Economic Freedom, Which Means The Freedom To Create And Live Without Someone Threatening, Controlling, And/Or Manipulating The Art And The Artist, By Tying The Purse Strings.

It Took Years For Me To Get Out Of The ‘Parasitic’ Dynamic Of My Youth, And Into A Deal That Better Reflects My True Contribution As An Artist, And (Purportedly) Gives Me The Control Necessary To Create A Paradigm Suitable For My Needs. I Have Been Working Towards This For A Long Time, Not Just Because Of My Current Legal Situation, But Because I Am An Artist, I Love To Create, And I Need The Proper Platform To Do So….”


….Drops Mic….

The New Deal Agreed With Sony Records Which Involves Lauryn Releasing A Certain Amount Of Songs By A Certain Deadline In Order To Help Her Pay Off Her Major Tax Debt. This Big Deal Helped Her From Avoiding Jail Time, Which She Was Supposed To Start Last Month For Tax Evasion.

Lauryn Hill  1st Song From The Deal, Called “Neurotic Society”(Compulsory Mix).

The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill Part 2??

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