Shmoney Dance To Jail: Bobby Shmurda Arrested For Attempted Murder & Drug Charges With $2 Million Bail

Published On December 19, 2014 | By admin | Local & Worldwide News

Updated: 12/19/2014

Rapper Bobby Shmurda was a “driving force” in a gang that committed murders and other violent crimes … this according to NY prosecutors. Prosecutors from the NYC Special Narcotics Office just released their indictment, claiming more than 15 defendants committed a variety of crimes, including murder, attempted murder, assault and drug dealing.

Bobby himself was charged with conspiracy to commit murder but not the murder itself and a few other weapon and drug charges.

Bobby — who at one time called himself “Two Socks Bobby” — is charged with firing a gun at a group of people outside a barber shop. Prosecutors say “socks” is code for firearms.

According to the indictment, members of the gang used other code words, including “suntan,” which means shooting someone.

The complaint says Bobby confessed to a fellow gang member, “You know I suntan him and shot, do issues, you know what’s going on.”

Prosecutors also say the ring dealt heavily in narcotics, with a pattern of violence that spread from Brooklyn to South Beach, Florida.

The D.A. says the violence was so prevalent, it turned Brooklyn into a shooting gallery.

Bobby pled not guilty to all charges Thursday in NYC. He’s being held on $2 million bail.


(12/17) Looks like rapper Bobby Shmurda will be Shmoney Dancing in Jail, he was arrested Tuesday night during a sting involving multiple shootings and drug trafficking. On another note, it’s real out here in case you didn’t know and hood investigations are still in style.


The indictment is sealed and the specific charges have not been disclosed, but we know it’s part of a long-term investigation conducted by the NYPD and a special narcotics prosecutor.

Law enforcement sources tell us … Shmurda was under surveillance by police and was arrested while he sat in a car outside a NYC recording studio.

He is scheduled to be arraigned on Thursday.

Shumurda was arrested in October for smoking a joint with two friends while double parked on a Brooklyn street…and in June for possession of a weapon.

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