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Now that summer has arrived, so have plenty of style and fashion tips. Knowing what’s in and what’s out can be somewhat overwhelming, but it’s really as easy as knowing your ABCs

Here are 26 summer fashion tips for you to add to your wardrobe:

A– Americanize: Pair a simple red and white striped shirt with cutoffs jean shorts or skinny jeans and dark sunglasses for a classic Americana look.

B– Breezy Hair: Since it’s summer, keep hair casual wit a side braid or messy bun. Pull hair into a simple ponytail after a day at the pool, or let messy waves make a statement when going out at night.

C– Cutoff shorts: Throw on a pair of cutoffs over a bathing suit while strolling at the beach, or pair them with a crisp white shirt for a casual look.

D– Dresses: Wear a variety of summer dresses for a simple and carefree style option. Throw on a maxi dress after swimming, or choose a lightweight cotton dress for lounging around.

E– Earrings: Keep jewelry minimal but still make a statement by wearing showy earrings. Wear your hair up to show them off, or keep hair down for a low-key option.

F– Flats: Mix up wearing summer sandals by adding flats to everyday outfits. Pair them with shorts, dresses and jeans for a classic and chic look.

G– Girly: Embrace your girly side by wearing flowing dresses or mixing jean shorts with chiffon tops. Pair with flats or sandals and you are good to go!

H-Hipped Belts: Show off your figure with belts slung around the waist. Add a low-hanging belt to rompers, dresses or shorts for a hip (no pun intended!) look.

I– Indigo: Keep eye makeup bright by swapping out your regular brown and black eyeliners with more vibrant colors like indigo, eggplant, turquoise or champagne.

J– Jeans: No summer is complete without jean shorts and pants. Since they go with just about everything in your wardrobe, pair them with sandals and flats all summer long.

K– Khaki: Pair khaki pants with simple white tank tops and denim jackets, and finish off with neutral sandals a la Jennifer Aniston. Keep the look casual and simple to avoid looking like you are coming back from a safari.

L– Lace tops: Contrast delicate lace tops with jean and khaki shorts for a summer look. Transform to a night look by adding chunky heels and bohemian jewelry.

M– Military: Add the military style to your wardrobe by choosing accessories and bags that are black, olive green or navy and feature grommets, brass buttons or leather straps.

N– Nude: No, not that kind of nude! Pair nude dresses and tops with cream or off-white blazers for a night out, or look for nude-colored bags to pair with everyday jeans and white blouses.

P– Perfume: Choose a light, airy scent for the warmer months. Some of my faves? Sephora’s Collection (where you can add your own perfume to the refillable tube) and Victoria’s Secret Rollerball fragrances for quick applications on the go.

Q– Quick Hair Styles: Don’t spend too much time fussing over your hair, especially with all of the humidity and heat during summer months. Embrace your natural hair texture and keep it down or throw on a headband for an on-the-go look.

R– Rope belts: Add a rope belt to a draped dress to cinch the waist and add a simple accessory. Keep jewelry at a minimum since the dress is to be worn casually.

S– Seasonal Shades: During the summer, embrace the bolder colors like cinnamon, dusty orange, yellow and sage. The vibrant colors not only pop out, they also brighten up your face.

T– Turquoise jewelry: Wear statement jewelry perfect for summer by adding a chunky turquoise ring, chandelier earrings or bohemian necklace filled with turquoise stones.

U,V– Ultra Violet Sun Protection: Have a blast over the summer by keeping sunburned skin to a minimum. Wear at least an 30 SPF outside to prevent wrinkles and avoid getting skin cancer.

W– White: White is a summer must-have in any form. Dresses, shorts, pants and accessories are perfect in crisp white.

X– Xtra Lip Color: During warmer months, choose colors that are brighter than what you use the rest of the year. Look for hot pink or coral lip stains for lighter skin, and orangey red for darker skin tones.

Y– Yellow Accessories: Add a pop of color to any outfit by pairing it with a vibrant yellow bag. Look for slouchy or hobo bags in shades of yellow and pair it with a casual outfit.

Z– Zigzag pattern: If you want to add a sleek pattern to your wardrobe, choose a zigzag or chevron patterned top. To avoid pattern overload, however, pair the pattern with solid colors for the rest of your outfit.

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