{Video} Ciara & Future Confirm Pregnant Rumors !! Congratulations !!

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After confirming her pregnancy on The View, she made her way over to Huffington Post Live where she sat down for a one-on-one chat with social commentator Marc Lamont Hill.

The mommy-to-be was glowing with positivity as she dished on her new pregnancy and the baby’s gender. She also dished on bonding with the mothers of Future’s kids, finding love and what her maternity style will be like.

Catch a few highlights:

On her pregnancy

On finding love
I didn’t see any of the things happening that are happening right now. I think with life and love, it’s better when you don’t plan. It’s better when you take one day at a time, and I know the place I was in before all of this and God answered my prayers. I was in a place of reflecting and regrouping as a woman and I had my experiences with love. […] The cool thing was it was really unexpected and I kind of planted the seed. You know, the tongue is very powerful and the mind is very powerful and what you put into the universe, you have to be careful about that. Love to me is so important. It’s not about the money, it’s not about the material things, it’s ultimately about love and I feel like if you are enriched with love, you are rich.

It takes me back to the beginning, when I first started, I put out in the universe, ‘I see myself having the number one song on the Billboard chart’ and I had wrote down a goal sheet of everything, and everything that I wanted to happen, happened.

On finding balance
[Most of all,] I wanted balance. In what we do, you sacrifice so much and spend so much time into it and you give all of yourself, but if you don’t have balance in your life, everything you do will fall and you won’t have nothing. I’ve learned in the toughest of times, if I have love at the core of all this, I’ll be good. If I have to wash my hands of this, I got love. And that’s all that matters.

On the photo that she took with Future’s kids’ mothers
This is my family. They are amazing women. I like to say they are. I wanted to capture the moment of all of us being together, and shed the light on what it is with my family. It’s kind of a blended family concept and I wanted to shed the light on that because it’s so beautiful.

It’s all about love and it’s all about positivity and that’s what I’m about. His family is my family. Anyone that comes with him, it has to be love and that’s the same for me. So that’s how I live.

You know you can’t over think things. When things are right and people can have their own way of how they look at things, and how they want to judge and speak on something but you know what something is and that’s what matters.

On if she’ll be taking a break from music after she has her baby
No, I’ve been recording my album and I actually started around Thanksgiving of last year. I’m in the most comfortable creative space I could possibly be in. I will actually be giving my fans something really soon and I’m really excited about it because it’s so beautiful.

[…] The performance at the Grammy after party, if you go online, you’ll see the videos that I did with them. I was actually four months at that time period, almost five months. I was jumping up and down.

On her maternity style
I kind of want to take the theme that ‘baggy is the new sexy.’ I don’t know, I just want to be comfortable. When I can’t wear heels anymore, I won’t wear heels. I’ll be putting on my Jordans. My Jordans and my Uggs will be my best friends, but it’s all about being comfortable. Of course, I like to get sexy, but I believe that pregnancy within itself is sexy and I don’t believe I have to show you that I still can be. I kind of like it actually not being about abs and all that stuff. I really love this phase that I’m going through in my life and I just want to live in it. I just want to be a ‘mommy-to-be.’

Credit Source: Huff Post

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