{Video} CNN Interviews Slim Thug on What is The Definition of a “Thug” !?

Published On January 17, 2014 | By admin | Local & Worldwide News

How do you define the term ‘thug’?

Last week CNN’s Don Lemon reported on the story of a toddler in Omaha who police said demonstrated the so-called “thug cycle”. Following the coverage of the ‘thug cycle’ video, Lemon posed the question “Is thug a racist term?”

During the segment Lemon showed images of Slim’s album covers and after the piece ran here on CNN, OutFront received an overwhelming amount of response on social media, including a tweet from Rapper Slim Thug, which said, “F-you Don Lemon.”

He appeared on local radio station where the hosts asked him how he defined the term “thug.”

Slim Thug The Madd Hatta Morning Show:

Host: When you think thug, Slim Thug, give me what your defi-… I got the Tupac definition, his is just, you know, a person going through struggles, has gone through struggles and continue to live day-by-day. You know, you know, just trying to make it. When you think of a thug for you, Slim Thug, you think what?

Slim Thug: I think the same thing, man because, like, really, I’m a big ‘pac fan. I probably got thug off of him, you know, growing up listening to him. And that’s where I was, uh, introduced to that. That’s probably where my name came from. So, I feel the same way that he felt, coming from nothing to something.

CNN reached out the slim thug and invited him to explain to national television below:

If You Missed The Toddler Video View Below:

Credit Source: CNN/You Tube

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