{Video} CNN: Rachel Jeantel First Interview After Zimmerman Verdict

Published On July 16, 2013 | By admin | Local & Worldwide News

CNN Got The Exclusive Interview on Monday Night With The Last Person To Speak To Trayvon Martin Before He Was Murdered, Rachel Jeantel.

She Speaks About Her Friendship With Trayvon Martin, The Difference Between Niggah & Nigger & White Cracker In Her Generation, & Her Experience on The Stand LIVE Dealing With Attorney Don West.

 On testifying in court: “It’s not that I didn’t want to  be there (in court). I was dealing with a lot of stress for 16 months. I was  grieving.”

On the way she speaks“The way I speak. A lot of  people have the same issue I have right now. I had a situation since  Kindergarten, I have an underbite.”

On dealing with aggressive defense attorney Don West : “My parents taught me better. You don’t have the  right to disrespect an adult.”

 On Trayvon Martin as a person“He was a calm, chill, loving  person, loved his family, definitely his mother. And…a good friend.”

On Trayvon being profiled as a thug: “First of all  Trayvon is not a thug. They need to know the definition of a thug.”

 On Trayvon’s occasional use of marijuana“Weed don’t  make him go crazy, it makes him go hungry.”

On the term “cracker:” It’s used to describe someone “acting  like the police.”

 On Trayvon not being the aggressor in the  situation: “Trayvon was too quiet. Why would he run if he was  going to confront and beat [George Zimmerman]?”

On how she feels about the verdict: “Disappointed,  upset, angry…mad.”

On how she really feels about George  Zimmerman: “Weak. Scary…if you were a real man you would have  stand on that stage and tell what happened.”

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